Custom Songs


Would you like to serenade your significant other with their favorite song for their birthday? Perform the latest hit at your next big party? Maybe just have an instrumental version of a song you love, performed with expert craftsmanship. Similar to what you know from the actual record! Well, we can do that. In fact, members of The Soundz Shop have actually performed on hit records you’ve probably heard! We can put together your favorite song, whatever the genre. We can even write you original custom music for your special occasion!* We can keep it simple, down to a one-instrument arrangement, or make it a full orchestra-size recording. Check out the examples included here. We have music from Bruce Hornsby and Jay Z!

*Please inquire if interested in Original Custom Music. This can be birthday, anniversary, etc. Can include custom lyrics as well with names, dates, places, etc.

Custom Song orders are as follows:

How long is your song?

How many instruments?

Tell us on the Contact Us/Info Page which instruments you want use to use after you’ve chosen the number of pieces, and any other info you feel we should have. You will also supply us with an MP3 of your song for reference. NO YOUTUBE OR OTHER ‘LINKS’ ARE ACCEPTABLE AS REFERENCE MATERIAL.

*Your Custom Song file will be delivered to you as  a 320kb HQ MP3 file.

.wav files are available for an additional charge. See the Mix/Master Order Page for details.

Please allow up to seven days for delivery.

*Original Custom Music may take several weeks depending on the current workload.


Karaoke, anyone?

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