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 We are professional engineers, musicians and songwriters who all have many years of multi-platinum experience making records. And can appreciate the quality of a good music mix. We also know, acquiring a good mix can be expensive. The average price paid by a record company for a professional mix is $1500-$2500. That's why we started this. We wanted to make good mixes obtainable and affordable for anyone.

Along with mixing, we also wanted to provide a resource for people who need music overdubs. Need a guitar part? No problem. Need a blazing synth line? We’ve

got you covered. Phat bass line? Once again, we can help! See our Music Overdubs page for further details.

And Last, a very special service we offer is Custom Songs. We can produce for you a version of whatever piece of music you like. Even original music. Performed by world-class musicians and producers.

Back to mixes... Using Pro Tools HD and an arsenal of plugins(reverb, compression, equalization, etc.), we will mix your tracks for you, any genre. That's Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, Pop, Rock, Metal, Alternative,  jazz, whatever.


We'll provide timing correction, auto-tuning, all the necessities to get you professional results, and provide a "mastering gloss" finish. By this we mean "make the track playable in most commercial situations". Or provide "a good listening copy". If you seek just mastering, or mastering for an actual release there are additional options as well. See our Mastering page.

*We do have an economy mix that comes without extras. It does include a full mix, complete with the "mastered" finish.

Example Mix/Masters, before and after:

Pricing for mixes as follows:


Longer song? Add $30 each additional minute.

Up to 8 Tracks(economy mix)*- $65

Up to 12 Tracks- $100

Up to 16 Tracks- $175

Up to 24 Tracks- $250

Up to 32 Tracks- $300

*The economy mix does not include any additional editing, auto-tuning, or general cleanup(cut/copy/paste, moving tracks, etc.). It does include a full mix, complete with the "mastered" finish.

Larger mixes? Package rates(starting at three songs)? Please inquire.

One revision(louder vocal, more bass, etc.) is included per mix.

Additional revisions $30.

Additional mixes (a cappella, instrumental, edited) $30

Please allow up to 7 days for delivery.

“Rush” mixes are available.

Before ordering, please visit the Contact Us/Info Page.

For full mix details, please see the Mix/Master Order Page.



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