Do you need tracks just mastered? We can do that too. We can provide you the same "mastering gloss" you get when you order a mix/master. It is quality mastering and entirely useful in most instances. We would not recommend you use this mastering to sell your music on itunes, etc. Why? Just that we believe there are facilities that can better put you in the exact space your recording needs to be for that medium. Our mastering is more for personal use, to play along with your commercial music and have the same volume, depth and size. But you may find, our mastering suits your needs perfectly. Please listen on our Home page to some before/after examples of songs that have been mixed/mastered.

Soundz Shop Mastering: $30

Mastering (choose this option if mastering, ONLY(this means you’re NOT mixing). Basic mastering is already included with any Mix.)- $30

Longer Song Option(choose this option if your song(master) is longer than 4 minutes)- $10 each additional min.

By default, your final Mastered file will be delivered as a 320kbs HQ MP3 file. If desired, a  .wav file can be provided at no additional charge.

Please see the File Delivery page for details on how to send us your material.

Please allow up to 5 days for delivery.

If you haven’t, please go to the Contact Us/Info Page and fill out the form as completely as possible with any additional instructions.

For mastering to use for itunes and other outlets, you may want to look at these:



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