What kind of mix are we doing today?:

*The economy mix does not include any additional editing, auto-tuning, or general cleanup(cut/copy/paste, moving tracks, etc.). It does include a full mix, complete with the "mastered" finish.

Longer Song Option(choose this option if your song(mix) is longer than 4 minutes)- $30 each additional min.

Additional Mixes (A cappella, instrumental, edited, TV(music and bg’s. No lead vox)- $30 each.

32 track/72hr $80.00 USD

*.wav file.)- $10

2 or 3 Day Rush Mixes(Get your completed mix in 72 Hrs or less. Now, that’s fast!)- From $25*

*Depends on the size of the mix. For example, if 8 tracks or less, 2 day rush mix is $25. Price increases with larger mixes. A 2 day rush mix on 32 tracks is $100. Inquire for your specific needs...

Additional Revisions are available upon request(all Mix/Masters receive one revision free. Choose this option ONLY when/if further revisions are required).- $30

*We will return your final Mix/Master to you as  a 320kb HQ MP3 file.  .wav file requires an additional payment of $10.

If you haven’t, please go to the Contact Us/Info Page and fill out the form as completely as possible with any additional instructions.


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