Music Overdubs


You have a great song, but you need a great guitar part to help your track chug along. We’ve got you! Tell us the style you want and we’re off and running! Your parts will be played by session musicians that have done it all before and know how to do it right! Hear examples on the Custom Songs page. Those examples are performed by our staff. Prices for overdubs are as follows:

*Miscellaneous Programming can be drums or any type of sequencing you may require.

One track. Mono or stereo: $75

Three tracks. Mono or Stereo: $200

Tell us on the Contact Us/Info Page which three instruments you’d like to add, and what styles you want added to your song. We will choose sounds that fit the need of your track. We will also let you hear the work in progress, so you can feel confident your parts will be to your liking.

Please see the File Delivery page for details on how to send us your material.

Allow seven days for delivery.



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